Electrical Repairs Quincy MA

Are you having electrical problems in your home? Do you have blown outlets or trouble with your circuit breaker? Is the wire in your house old and outdated? If you have any of these problems or any others, we are more than qualified to solve them for you. Our team of talented experts has years of experience repairing electrical issues and replacing damaged electrical systems or parts in homes. We can repair, replace, or upgrade any of the electrical pieces in your home, and we will do it in the most efficient and effective manner possible. 

Electrical Repair Services Quincy MA

Circuit Breaker Repairs, Generator Repairs

Our electrical repair services in Quincy, Massachusetts are exceptional and renowned in the community. We have helped countless people in the South Shore area get to the bottom of their electrical trouble and fix it before it becomes a danger or a hazard. Having working electricity in your home is not a luxury, it is a necessity when it comes to cooking, hot water, and even your heat. Having trouble with the electricity in your home is more than just an inconvenience. Luckily, our team of licensed electricians is ready to fix any problem you are running into. Sometimes, the culprit may not be so easy to find, so our team of technicians knows how to troubleshoot various problems safely and efficiently. If you don’t know what is giving you trouble, let us figure it out for you and fix it too!

electrical upgrades Quincy ma

Electrical Home Wiring Repairs

Electrical home wiring repairs are crucial for a functioning home. If you have faulty or old wiring in your residential property, problems will arise. With wiring that isn’t working properly, you can have things like blown outlets or power surges that can cause damage to your appliances and your home. Instead of waiting and hoping this doesn’t happen, call our team of experts to install new wiring that is up to code and guaranteed to work. 

Switches And Dimmers Repairs Quincy MA

Our team is also equipped to fix any switches and dimmers that may be broken or disconnected in your home. These fixes are often simple for us and require a fast fix or some rewiring to the switch. While it’s a simple fix for us, trying to solve this type of problem on your own can be tricky and lead to trouble in your home. We also specialize in generator repairs and repairs to circuit breakers that aren’t working properly. These are appliances that use large amounts of electricity and it’s crucial that you call a professional to get it done properly.

Electrical Code Violation Corrections Quincy MA

As licensed electricians, we also offer services to correct any code violations that may be present in homes. It is possible that other electricians or “DIY-er’s” tried to cut corners or simplify an installation or repair of an appliance, wires, or even fixtures, and we are here to help right these wrongs. If not done properly, code violations can lead to safety hazards, and that’s the last thing we want for our clients. If any of these services sound like something you need in your home, pick up the phone and call us today!